Performance-based cold email outreach lead generation

Personalized Cold Email Outreach 

Done-for-you cold email outreach lead generation campaigns to send proven, hyper personalized cold emails to good-fit prospects, delivering meeting-ready-leads to your sales team, or we can nurture for you.


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Trust SaasLeads to streamline your lead generation and outbound efforts, connecting you with potential clients who can benefit from your offerings. We specialize in qualifying leads and scheduling meetings, making it easier for fintech companies to achieve their growth goals.

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Average ROI


Lead Conversion Rate


Lead Quality Rate


Reduced Cost Per Lead


Forecasting Accuracy


Increased LTV to CAC

Your SaaS
Sales Pipeline

Our done-for-you cold email outreach campaigns are an effective channel to consistently drive new meeting-ready-leads and demo's each week.

Cold email campaigns are live in 2-weeks and we handle 100% of the day-to-day inbox management, ongoing lead follow-ups and appointment setting.


Average Multi-channel ROI


Visitor To Contact Conversion Rate


Average Opportunity To Close Rate


Average Reduced Cost Per Lead


Lead Forecasting Accuracy


Reduced Customer Acquisition Costs

Cold Email Outreach Benefits

Drive a few extra SaaS demo's every week using cold email outreach?

cold email outreach

Consistent Leads

Ensure a consistent flow of qualified leads for your pipeline by efficiently targeting your ideal customers.

  • Reliable Lead Flow
  • Precise Targeting
  • Ideal Customer Focus


Our expert team will craft tailor-made outbound marketing campaigns exclusively for you.

  • Proficient Campaigns
  • Custom-Crafted Strategy
  • Distinctive Marketing Approach
cold email outreach agency
cold email outreach services

Targeted Outreach

Our approach ensures qualified leads land straight in your inbox so you gain conversions.

  • Targeted Outreach
  • Inbox Conversions
  • Gain Valuable Prospects

Seamless Appointments

We’ll handle scheduling all appointments to ensure a smooth process.

  • Efficient Appointment Handling
  • Streamlined Scheduling
  • Hassle-Free Management
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Average closing rate across 25 industries


$10 dollar return per $1 invested in this channel


Appointments booked per campaign per month

Value-Driven ROI

Experience the power and success of our cold email outreach and appointment setting services. Our outreach team will propel your SaaS go-to-market strategy with cold email playbooks and a continuous flow of leads.

Gain the advantage in your market through daily outbound appointment setting processes for a repeatable stream of good-fit sales opportunities.

Cold Email Outreach Questions

What is cold email outreach?

Cold email outreach is the practice of sending unsolicited emails to potential clients or customers as a marketing strategy to generate leads and drive business growth.

Is cold email outreach effective?

Cold email outreach is effective when executed strategically with personalized, relevant content and targeted to the right audience.

How many industries can I target?

Our basic plan allows you to target 1 industry. Our Pro plan allows you to target 4 industries.

How long does it take to launch campaigns?

The technical setup and campaign takes 48-hours. The emails we create take 7-10 business days to warm-up before they can be used. While the emails are warming-up, we work with your team on the campaign messaging.

What is a meeting-ready lead?

Meeting-ready-leads are leads that align with your ideal customer profile that have not only expressed interest, but more importantly expressed wanting to actually book time to meet or do a demo.

How many emails can be sent per day?

Basic plan sends out 500 emails per day and the Pro plan sends out 1,000 per day. Each email account would send 50 emails per day, so that would require 20 email accounts to send 1,000 emails per day.

Do you comply with anti-spam laws?

At SaaSLeads, we prioritize compliance with anti-spam laws, such as CAN-SPAM and GDPR.

Can you integrate with my CRM?

We can quickly connect with any CRM via and our team will build this out for you, upon request, in the setup process.

Do you use my domain name?

No. We buy vanity domain names. For example, if your SaaS platform name is "ZoomBoard" then we would buy domains like "" and "" and we handle the technical setup.

What support can I expect?

We offer cold email outreach support through Slack or email. Additionally, we provide daily lead updates, weekly reporting, bi-monthly strategy calls, and continuous campaign improvements.

What does success look like?

There are a few key metrics measured for cold email outreach specifically. Email open rates of 30%+ is considered a win. Reply rates of 3%+ is considered a win.

What makes your cold emails stand out?

We have seen thousands of cold email outreach client campaigns over the years, so we have a good idea of what messaging cuts through the noise.

Do you personalize outreach emails?

Our expert team conducts thorough research on your target audience, addressing recipients by their names, referencing recent interactions, and offering tailored solutions that resonate with each individual.

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